Thursday, 29 September 2011


This is the other direction i was thinking of taken the unit.

i was thinking about Werewolves but my animal is an owl so i thought about doing an WereOwl. 

The drawing above is a stage of me changing from human into a WereOwl
probably about the final stage of the transformation.

I was thinking about doing a animation of images of me changing from human to a WereOwl, i thought as the owl isn't the coolest animal going i thought to get the best outcome for a WereOwl would be to take the best features of the human body (mainly muscle) and take the best parts of an owl such as wings, claws and hunting skills.  As the owl doesn't have hands i gave it the feet of an owl but change them into hand-like looking and the hair of a WereOwl to be more pointy to represent the ears of an owl.

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  1. Hey Lloyd,

    Good to see come new work on here - but I'm going to suggest that your 'x-men' approach is actually an example of 'style creep' and I want you to think much more innovatively about methods of approaching this project. I'm afraid yours is a case of 'another muscular human with wings' - and this means the image is actually generic (though nicely drawn). The point of this unit is to actually explore the consequences of your spliced anatomy - as opposed to generating typical heroic cliches. For example, I suggest you closely compare the human skull with the owl's skull - and actually depict the structural distortion that comes from fusing the two; your face would be ontop of this structure, which would mean its appearance would be molded and defined by it; I don't think you could imagine this accurately without actually doing the comparison and giving the idea more thought. RIght now, you're giving me a 'man with wings' - and that's not hugely imaginative - however fond you may be of the design. I don't think you're really dealing with your animal yet - perhaps because the sort of animal it is disappoints you - but I strongly encourage you to throw off cliche and style-creep and accomplish something more original and unexpected...