Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Fist Full Of Knives / The Gunslinger

Character Design / Basic Information


  • A Fist Full Of Knives 


  • The Gunslinger is the hero in the story, an old retired bounty hunter wasting the rest of his life in saloons. being a bounty in his past has giving a few enemies over the years. he is notorious for a few reason but the main one being the fastest with a gun.  
  • The Musketeer is the villain in the story, a young arrogant character, who's spends his time perfecting his skills and sets to goals and challenges for himself. he comes from a wealthy background, granting him of any think he wants.  
  • The Sidekick is the villains weapons carrier and follows his master everywhere doing what ever the musketeer pleases. the sidekick is of middle age and only has one desire, which is to serve his master as best he can. 


  • In a Steampunk'd western environment. the reason for the steampunk is so the cowboy and the musketeer being in the same world can be believable. mainly set in a small town in the west, the towns saloon being the visual point of the story. 
  • France is also a location within the plot of "A Fist Full Of Knives". 


  • The musketeers flying ship
  • Gunslinger hover motor bike 
  • weapons, knives, guns 
  • steampunk style clothes 

  • generally for young males from the ages of 12 plus.
  • may also interest an audience who like the game Red dead Redemption or the cowboy films suck as cowboy v.s aliens or the good the bad and the ugly.