Thursday, 26 September 2013

Minor Project Potential Ideas

Idea One

Character Design

The First Idea would be some what related to my Year 2 Character design project. I would be taking the concept idea of a steampunk western world and one or two characters, replacing it with characters full of back story and motives in a world where there is money to be made. This Idea would be focused on the main character Lawrence Drake and his companions who roam the west breaking the law as they go but not without catching a lawful eye or two. they soon become intertwined with a far greater power when they pull of the biggest heist they could ever dreamed off.

This Idea could also be continued to the Major Project as an animation. The animation would be of the companions pulling the heist which starts of in small town but swiftly moves onto a train carrying the desires.

Idea Two - A Penguins Quest 


There's this little penguin who travels with his trusty backpack when he finds a letter for Santa from a little girl and embarks on a quest to deliver it in time for Christmas.  

Idea Three - Fat Runners 


A group of Fat fighters get inspired to loose weight by videos of parkour on the internet, so they quit the gym and attempt to become free runners.

Idea Four 

Game Idea - Character Design/ Environment

Set in Antarctica in a future world, a military based group of scientist find a giant whole, in which they explore to find something not from their world. The game would be a third person horror, with survival being the top priority.