Thursday, 27 February 2014

Friday, 21 February 2014

Major Project - Geothermal Information And Designs On The Company Behind The Abandoned Facility

The facility was abandoned after the world froze over and humans left the earth to survive, the facility was a geothermal base which like the pipes runs deep underground. A few hundred years later and the facility interior has been crushed by snow and ice. Due to being so desolate the facility is a lot larger than the average Geothermal base, therefore having its own farm to grow food and large sleeping cabins.
The interior will be hard edge with pipes running along all corridors with large ice stalactites looking like the image above piercing through the the facility corridors and rooms, also freezing equipment in large ice blocks. snow wound largely cover the ground such like:
 To give the feeling the environment crushing the man made facility.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Major Project - Influence Maps

For this project I have been looking at such architects as Santiago Calatrava and Leebeus Woods, mainly Santiago architect work in Zurich and Leebeus futuristic style in general.  

the main influence for me is Pyestock, with its baring pipes and large circular doors.
Iv also been looking at Oil rigs and abandoned asylums and hospitals, for me lighting and sounds is key to make an environment eerie.

Information on Pyestock:

For over fifty years, Pyestock was host to the development and testing of gas turbine engines. From the 1950s through to the 1970s, it was the largest facility of its type in Europe (if not the world), and the design, experimentation and testing atPyestock helped to usher in the jet age. From running up Concorde's Olympus jet engines in a simulated supersonic conditions through to the endurance checking of every gas turbine installed in the ships of the Royal Navy, Pyestock'scredentials were extremely impressive.

As gas turbine research matured and computer simulations took over, Pyestock was gradually run down and now stands unused. The structures on the site are considered to be of national, if not international, importance. But due to their extremely specialised nature, no alternative uses have been put forward, and the whole site is destined to be demolished and replaced by a supermarket distribution centre.


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