Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Character Design / The Good The Bad And The Ugly

(Not Final Designs)

These are my first few drawings of my characters, going into a bit more detail. these were done a few days ago and since then Justin has asked me to just do some simple drawings so we can talk more about design aspects of the character. 

I know my villain isn't exactly evil looking but hes more defined on the action he makes not how he looks. 
 Also Justin said about the musketeer being to caricature and making his chin smaller.  

Character Design / Rough Sketches Of Sidekick And Gunslinger


Just some quick drawings of my sidekick and hero, for the sidekick I am looking at designing as a short fat guy who serves the villain (Musketeer). For example he builds his swords or carries all his equipment around for him.

Character Design / Lesson Three

In lesson 3 of character Design, we were dealing with the basic shapes to make the body of a character with simple lines and shapes. We then took a character a blocked then out using what he had learnt. We would also use this to try and distort the character slightly.

The image above we were given a character type and had to draw 5 diffident body shapes of them lined up. 
I got Goths. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Character Design / Musketeer Drawings

Just a few drawings for my musketeer character, I am happy with his face is looking but still working on his costume design with his throwing knives and other props.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Character Design / Lesson One And Two

The two images below are from lesson 2. For lesson 2 we spoke about shapes in character designs, such as Disney characters. If their nice innocent their shapes would generally be round but if there evil or strong they would be squarish or have triangle shapes within them. We were all given characters for the first one, I got superman and then I applied the shape theory to superman.

Then we swapped images and I got Hulk, but the second type it was style and the image of hulk was cartoony, so i went for more of a realistic feel.


For lesson 1 we obviously got our brief and our two themes, but in lesson we got other themes to do, for this I got a holy lawyer and army zombie, so i naturally went for a more realistic feel. Justin then said go for seven year old girl target audience with the lawyer which i did.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Character Design / Environment Influence Map

Character Design / Sidekick Influence Map

Character Design / Story Idea

The Gunslinger 

(Not to sure about the musketeer killing the dog and the ending)
Environment: western
Characters: cowboy, musketeer, sidekick
Target Audience: 13+
Style: steampunk

Story Idea:
A couple of young lads are at a Saloon in the west, and they spot the legendary ex- gunslinger sitting by him self. They start talking about how great he was and how he saved their town from bandits.

Then in France a musketeer who is the fasted knife thrower in the world is board and hasn’t had a decent challenge from anyone in awhile, hears of the legendary gunslinger and how quick he was with a gun and decides he wants to go against this gunslinger.

So the musketeer gets his sidekick, who carries all the musketeers’ equipment and they get on a contraption which is basically a hot air balloon and fly across the seas to the town of the gunslinger.

Once they land at the town, they start looking for him and finally find him at the bar and the musketeer proposes a dual between gun and knife but the gunslinger refuses to take part. So in anger the musketeer kills the gunslingers dog and waits for him to come out from the bar. 

The gunslinger finds out about his dog, he goes to his dog and spends a few moments with the dog and then makes his way to the musketeer and accepts his challenger.

They begin, facing each other from a distance, staring at each waiting for the perfect moment, the gunslinger with his gun and the musketeer with his throwing knives.

And within a split second its over, both still standing, both getting a hit of each over, the knife is clearly hit the gunslinger chest but he still stands. Then from the musketeer chest blood trickles, staining his fabrics and then he falls to his knees.

A few moments past, the musketeer’s sidekick tries and helps the musketeer out but tells his sidekick to stay away from him, the gunslinger still barely standing, and then the musketeer gives is last breath and falls. The gunslinger finally let’s go and falls to his knees, pulls out the knife from his chest and then kisses his gun and says “I love the taste of revenge”

Character Design / Hero Concept Art

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Character Design / Props & Transport Influence Map

These are just a few props I have been looking at for my Hero, Villain and Sidekick. The throwing knives are for the Musketeer (Villain) and sidekick, The goggles and the guns are for the hero (Gunslinger). I have also thought about having a steampunk style to the characters and story as I feel it would help connect the two characters.

Character Design / Musketeer Influence Map

Character / Cowboy Influence Map

Lip Sync Lesson 3

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Character Briefing

So for the character design briefing we had to choose two cards from Justin's deck to find out what we had to work with. I got Western and Musketeers.

For the brief itself, we have to come up with a hero, villain and a sidekick, the sidekick can be with the hero or the villain. we also have to design props and environments to help with our story.

We also had to draw in lesson, Justin would give us two examples and we had to combine the two and see what you would come up with, my drawing of these will be up soon.