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The Company Of Wolves Review


The company of wolves is a complexes film Directed by Neil Jordan has multipal stories with in the film. The main protagonist is a young woman called Rosaleen who has long dream, in her dreams she has similar resemblance to little red riding hood. In Rosaleen dreams she lives with her family in a fairy-tale village but one day her sister is killed by a wolves and as this is in Rosaleen dream its clear she doesn’t like her sister that much. After her sister death Rosaleen goes and lives with her grandma while her parents morn for their daughters death. Her grandma warns her of the men who eyebrows meet and not stray from the path.

 “What killed the illusion was the over use of master shots and the incredibly harsh and unrealistic lighting”( Jeffrey Macabre. July 19 2011)

The scenery with in the film was well designed and believable through out the film what let the film down for me was lighting effects for this film, the lighting for the film was to unrealistic, a scene inputitcular is where Rosaleen is in her grandma house with a man who’s eyebrows meet, now for this scene I felt the scenery looked believable but the lighting on the scene was to much due to the lights where to bright considering it was in a house at night so the scene should have been quite dark but instead it wasn’t.

most parts of the film Leave you thinking what’s going on. Having said that the way the film is captured and the settings of the scenes were its strongest points for me, this mainly due to most of the film being in the main protagonist dream world which is a cool concept as it’s not a common theme with in films.  

“Like the Brothers Grimm, the film makers have attached to the tale of Red Riding Hood a lot of things that would have baffled 18th-century French peasants sitting around the fireside at day's end.” (Vincent Canby. April 19th, 1985)

The film has similarities to the Brothers Grimm film in the way it has ride riding hood story but more stories based around it with the other dreams within a dream scenes. Even though the film Brother Grimm is a more recent film the visuals and effects of both films are similar to each other due to being about fantasy creatures and fairy-tales.

The most innovative, intelligent, and visually sumptuous horror film of recent years. The most innovative, intelligent, and visually sumptuous horror film of recent years.”( TV Guide's Movie GuideTV. July 30, 2003)

Even though the film was very unrealistic in the sense it was all in Rosaleen dream the props and scenery was believable. The most interesting part of the film was when the man rips of his face slowly and turns into a wolf, then to be instantly killed and his head to land into a cooking pot, where it goes in has a wolves head but remerges as a human head which was a nice touch.

The film doesn’t contain much gore or sexual nature compared to now day’s films, the goriest part of the film has to be where the wife’s husband disappears for ages then returns to find his wife with another man and kids who are not his. Gets angry towards his past wife and starts to transform into a werewolf by ripping of his skin from his face. Slow transforming into a wolf then to be killed by the wife’s husband who happens to walk in and save them just in time.

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  1. Hey lloyd,

    This review is a backwards step, I'm afraid. Not only is it incoherent in places (complaxied?!!!), it fails stylistically too - use of the first person throughout and a too personal tone: ("My favourite part...), you fail to give the film capital letters, and there are no Harvard citations for any of the quotes you use. This is all pretty sloppy, and by now, your reviews should be improving - not getting worse. It's clear you didn't much enjoy this movie, but as I suggested previously, you need to get past that and learn how to discuss a film critically and thematically. I want you to take a look at the 'Style Guide' contained within the Rough Guide to Written Assignments on myUCA/Anatomy/Unit Materials - please read carefully as it will help you from making silly mistakes and ensure what you write is what I want to see.