Sunday, 6 May 2012

Unit 6 / Script / Draft

Cancer Cells
Act One

Outside The body

The camera is focused on a female body, after a few seconds the camera zooms into the body and cuts to a normal cell.

On screen with the cell: "Cell, Nucleus" / "The Nucleus is the control centre of the cell, within the nucleus is genes. Genes control every think about the cell."

The camera zooms into the Genes.

On screen with the genes: "Genes" 
The camera then zooms into the genes and stops at a DNA strain.

On Screen with DNA strain: "Damage to genes is the main reason for cancer, Damage is either cause by smoking or generic."

Act Two

Camera zooms back out to the cell, the normal cell starts divides.

On Screen With cell: "Normal Cells Dividing"

the camera cuts to a cancerous cell and zooms into the cells DNA strains, the DNA starts to lose control and certain parts of the stran starts to blow apart.

the camera zooms back out to the damaged cell. the cell starts to devid too fast and the camera zoom further back and the tumour grows to a certain size with normal cells around it.

On screen with Cancer cells: "Cancer cells divide uncontrollable"

On screen with tumour: "Not all Tumours are Cancerous." / "Benign = Non-cancerous / Malignant = Cancerous".

the camera cuts to a side angle view of the tumour next to a blood vessel with the normal cells around it. the tumour invades the blood vessel.

On screen With the tumour: "Malignant tumour invades blood vessel to travel around the body causing secondary Cancer"

Act Three 

The camera cuts to inside the blood vessel where cancer cell are invading the cell and latching onto blood cells. some of the cancer cells dont survive in the vessel and explode.

the camera follows the cancer cells attached to blood cells travelling in the vessel and break off and leave the vessel.

The camera cuts from inside the vessel to the outside where the cancer cells leak out and form another tumour. 

The end. 

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