Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sketch Jam

So after our lecture today with Chris Hunt a few of us decided to go to the library and do some drawings. overall we all got plenty of drawings done, helped out each other with techniques and spoke about some of our ideas about what we are doing with the animals we got from the blue box. 


  1. Hey Lloyd - good to have you in the mix, and I love the whole sketch jam thing - great stuff, keep it going, and I look forward to seeing the results on here asap. Remember to prep your sketches prior to publishing - think about their presentation; they don't have to be immaculate, they just need to be punchy and work well on screen.

  2. Hey Lloyd :D

    As Paige - your original creative partner has since left the course, I've buddied you up with Fred and Anthony: their blogs are:

    Fred @
    Anthony @

    Go say hi and get stuck in to some more 'Sketch Jam' action etc!