Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Fist Full Of Blood - Lawrence Drakes Hover Bike Concept

Unlike most of the hover bikes Drakes isn't a mixture of different objects or components, he's taken his time with his bike making sure its always looking good.


  1. Hey lloyd - the thing is, much as I like the 'shrimp' styling of this hover-bike it doesn't actually look like it's made from different components - it looks like it's been designed like that from scratch; you need to thinking much more I suggest about working up drawings from actually combining more randomised silhouettes or literally collaging your thumbnails together from existing bits of kit; you're actually painting the variety and difference out of your designs - you need to put it back in again.

    1. Will do, Most of them will be combinations of different ones but I wanted his to be better looking as he has spent more time on making sure his looks good and not a mix and match like the rest of the bandits bikes.