Thursday, 29 September 2011

Super Hero - Night Owl

 I was deciding what direction i wanna take this unit into and i was thinking about comic super heroes like Spiderman, Batman or AquaMan. They all have characteristics of the animals they represent.

So i did some designs on what my super hero would look like, I haven't really taken much from an owl's body other than its wings in this image.

The image to the left is two mask designs of Night Owl. The mask far left is a design of Night Owl in current year and the one on the far right is a future design on what he would look like a bit like spiderman and spiderman 2099.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lloyd,
    I'm realy liking the superhero approach to your design, it's very unique and i think theres a lot of potential to this, just make sure you include a good percentage of you animal in your final design otherwise it could just end up a man with wings. Keep Going!