Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Black Swan Review

 Fig one - Black Swan Poster

Black swan review
The black swan directed by Darren Aronofsky, is about a young girl called Nina who is a ballerina and has always wanted to play the main part in the play “swan lake” and finally gets her chance but at a cost.

But to master the role, Nina must perform as both the rigid and timid White Swan and the unbridled and passionate evil twin, the Black Swan”. (MATT NEAL 6th February 2011). Nina pushes herself to the limit of perfection throughout the film but lacks passion of lust in her performances which is noticed by her director and he begins to flirt with. Getting more progressively more vigorous with her by rubbing her sexually or forcing a kiss upon her, she refuses him and he tells her to have sexual encounters or masturbate to show feeling in her performance. 

Fig Two - Scene from Black Swan

The camera lurches, leaps, and pirouettes; in some scenes, it feels as if it's being tossed around the stage along with Portman”. (J.Hoberman, December 1st 2010). Camera angle shots in the film make the viewing claustrophobic, through the film there is never a decent view of the scene its always close to the actors also following Nina from behind never getting a clear view where she’s heading.

“psycho-melodrama is a glittering, crackling, outrageously pick-able scab of a film”.(Peter Bradshaw, Thursday 20th January 2011)  physiology  plays a big part in the film, throughout the film Nina keeps seeing her face on other people this is a sign of death coming, her mum is a very possessive woman controlling every think Nina does, this is mainly because Nina is living her mums dreams as her mum gave up her dreams to have Nina. Yet at moments her mum seems to want to ruin her daughter by buying a massive cake and trying to serve a big slice to Nina even though they both know Nina can’t eat much because she has to maintain her figure for ballet.   



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