Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Owl/Human Hybrid (Griffin Figure) Stages

Image 1 is my drawing of a hybrid mainly being over the top with features with four wings the back ones are more like flaps of an airplane to help the hybrid glide while flying, massive claws and extra human arms and human feet. I based this hybrid looks from a griffins figure.

Image 2 is the same as image 1 but this time it was a quick sketch in Photoshop. when i was doing this image i was experimenting with shades and looking at the pose from different angles by flipping the image.

Image 3 was done by Phil in the lesson and he made changes to the image on how he felt it should look like, he said owls have no neck so he gave my hybrid a bigger head and felt the extra human arms were add-ons so he got ride of them and then he spoke about no object has an outline so he worked into getting ride of the outlines by blending them in.


  1. Hey lloyd,

    Very exciting developments here! Not sure about the middle set of arms?

  2. oh - just noticed Photoshop Phil already got rid of the arms - yes, they're definitely unncessary, but I'm looking forward to seeing you refine this further.