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Splice Review

 Fig One – Cover of Splice

Fig two – Poster of Splice

 Fig three – Dren

Splice Review

Splice (2009) was directed by Vincenzo Natali and is about two genetic researchers, Clive and Elsa who are also partners who have been success in recombining different animals DNA and now want to take it to the next level with human DNA even though it goes against the corporation rules Clive and Elsa do and they then splice Dren, who is a hybrid of animal and human DNA.

“Dren morphs into a special-effects miracle, sexy and scary in equal doses.”(Peter Travers, June 3RD 2010) The amazing transformation of Dren from being an alien looking fetus out a womb, to becoming a young seductive but scary woman looking creature in a matter of months.

Clive is understandably creped out at first by his wife's coddling treatment of Dren.”(Nick Pinkerton Tuesday, Jun 1 2010) At first Clive isn’t up for splicing human and animal DNA but goes along with Elsa as they are a close couple but as Dren grows up Clive slowly becomes more and more closer to Dren as she becomes more human looking and starts to have sexual feelings towards Dren whether this is because the human DNA Dren has is Elsa or is Dren’s animal instincts of finding a mate is too much for Clive to resist. The instincts of this is shown  when Dren and Clive are alone in the barn and Dren opens her arms up and lets her wings flutter open as if she’s trying to impress and lure Clive to mate with her.

Characters come together and splinter apart as they become parents of sorts and their tricky ethical dilemma worsens.”(Eric Melin, June 4 2010) Parenting in Splice is a big factor to Dren and how she acted, as Elsa mum was harsh to her and gave her a bad childhood, this is shown in the film when Dren finds a cat and shows it to Elsa but Elsa takes it away from Dren like Elsa’s mum took dolls away from her when she was little. So Elsa didn’t know how to be a good parent and is most likely why she kept putting off having a baby with Clive instead this maybe the reason she wanted to create Dren to have a go at parenting but not have the risks of an actual child.

The visual effects of Splice are stunning the transformation of Dren, her animal features and instincts, the little creatures at the beginning of the film were well designed and looked real and the sound effects were good as well as the music in film was nicely done to add atmosphere.

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