Sunday, 2 October 2011

Influence Map

My Influence map, Obviously my animal i got which is an owl is a big influence, i have also looked into superhero's and werewolves but the ideas wasn't approved. So i looked into the film splice and what the main protagonist looks and behaves, her feet and her wings mainly. 


  1. 'wasn't approved'?

    Not quite the message I was trying to give, Lloyd! It wasn't 'disapproval' for superheroes exactly, but rather a prompt to move beyond your first idea to ensure you use the full five weeks to resolve the most innovative, most interesting approach. In my experience, 'superheroes' ends up as a dead-end, simply because, in order for a superhero to look like a superhero, the superhero must look generic - i.e. muscular male + wings; and, let's face it, if you've seen The Watchmen, Batman or X-Men: Last Stand, you've pretty much seen and done it all already. I will always encourage you to think beyond your first idea, as your first idea is often the cliche that's 'out there' already. Try and be excited by 'not knowing' how things are going to turn out - and then do the work that helps you to understand your outcome. Already, your latest silhouettes are much more speculative and original, so I simply encourage you to keep returning to the logic of your splice, keep returning to the 'reality' of your animal, keep comparing the anatomies, and keep trying out new approaches.

  2. Sorry Phil i am not continuing with the superhero or wereOwl ideas,this influence map is just to show my first influences on this unit, i am now looking at my animals main features and making them bigger to my human size hybrid hence the massive feet.

  3. Hi Lloyd,

    I believe we met on the Friday induction day. A Real Madrid fan, I like that. :-)

    I've been assigned to be your 'mentor' for the year. It's nothing drastic but I'm here to provide extra assistance if you having a question that may need answering and you dont quite know who to ask. It can be anything really, Maya help, academic writing help, how to use print services etc. Just write an @ Tom blog post and I'll endeavour to help out.

    I'm the GTA for the course too, so I happen to be in the Baseroom all day Monday and Thursday (Tuesday and Wednesday I'm only in sporadically as those are the days I do my Masters course). You can usually find me sitting in the corner by the baseroom office.

  4. awesome thanks tom, yeah Real Madrid and man utd fan :)

  5. yes - it's known round here as 'Tom's corner'...