Monday, 3 October 2011

Online Green Review

Unit 1 - OCR


  1. Some reason the letter G is showing in the OCR.

  2. Hey lloyd - you're not forgotten - check back tomorrow; I'll have some feedback on here after I'm done with the second years. :)

  3. OGR 04/10/11

    Hey Lloyd,

    As promised. Okay, well you already know my thoughts regarding the emphasis on being innovative and properly imaginative when it comes to this hybrid business. As you know, I liked thumbnail 6, because it began to demonstrate a more bold, more speculative approach to your splice, and I absolutely encourage you to create more thumbnails - not to settle yet, not to fix your response, but to push this process much further. Be extreme - make your head massive, in keeping with your animal, really exaggerate your proportions; deal with the feathery-aspect, work out some close-ups of the face and eyes. There is still so much under-explored territory here, and I think you've got the technical skill to generate something properly transformative. You're still playing things very tame and very safe, and now is not the time to be a creative wallflower! It's time to make an impression.

    In regard to your intro to your assignment, I think you're trying to cover too much; a proper, thorough and evidence-based discussion of the enduring appeal of the werewolf is entirely meaty enough to power a short 1,500 word assignment; obviously, the wolf legend dates back to Zeus, which is the historical context for the subject, which you'll need, but don't get sidetracked. Say something rich and insightful and meaningful about 'less' as opposed to saying something superficial about 'more'. Also - be sure to refer to the Rough Guide to Written Assignments prior to starting your essay to avoid wasting your time by writing something that will prove inappropriate in this context - there is an example essay for Unit 1, but also please refer to the 'Style Guide' which is full of hints and tips to stop students from making silly, schoolboy errors.

  4. Ok thanks for the feedback Phil. =)