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Avatar - Review

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Avatar is a 2009 epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, the film is set in the mid 22nd century, when humans are mining an expensive mineral called unobtanium on Pandora, a wonderful habitable moon in the alpha centauri star system.

“So the writing is clunky, and even lacking in the crackling one-liners that have often saved Cameron's scripts in the past. But that's always been a problem for a man who fancies himself an auteur when he should just accept that he's simply a brilliant visual technician and storyteller”.           (Buckwalter, 2009) The film has the same basic story we have all seen but “Avatar” makes you see it like never before with groundbreaking visuals and stunning scenery to match. The vibrant colours of Pandora, whether it’s the 12 feet Na’vis or the lush’s greenery with magical flowers.

The emotion roller coaster Jack sully goes on this film massive, first off, his brother is murdered, then he takes his brothers place and goes to unfamiliar world, being paraplegic and then having the freedom to walk and run again through the Avatar system and then to fall in love with another race jack really does experience it all throughout the film. “Spiritually moving, visually daring and emotionally stirring, Avatar is classic storytelling at its very best”. (Shaffer, 2010).

The creatures within the film are stunningly designed, taking a basic animal and adding extra legs and vibrant colours to give some relation to earth’s animals, so the audience can relate even more to the film.
The Na’vi themselves are the most interesting thing about the entire film, typical tribunals but being 12 feet tall and shiny blue tiger skin. With amazing skills in climbing and hunting no wonder why the Na’vi have survived the horrors on Pandora.

The acting in avatar isn’t going to be the best you seen but aren’t that bad Jack sully’s character is mainly motionless throughout the film, maybe this is on purpose due to his brother’s murder to show depression or just plain lack of acting skill.

“A spectacular visual experience unlike anything you've seen before.” (Miller, 2010). The environment of Pandora is breathtaking in every way, beautiful glowing plants, trees glowing when touched and the lushes bright colours at night from the surroundings making it look like neon night club. Even though Pandora is a natural world it has a unique system what connects of living things and the deceased together which work like a computer data system.

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