Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Minor Project - Research Into Asteroid Hitting Earth

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic near future, following the impact of the asteroid 99942 Apophis on Earth. The game has been described as similar to the movie Mad Max 2 and to video games such as Fallout and Borderlands.

In Rage's story, the asteroid 99942 Apophis impacts the Earth on August 23, 2029, leaving few survivors. Human survivors have come together to form settlements around oases and other practical or habitable locations, including race tracks. These fragile homes are diligently defended by the inhabitants against bandits and mutants, which are divided into various gangs and organizations of their own.

Now I was looking at using the asteroid 99942 Apophis but it is to soon in date so I started  to look into future possible asteroid hitting earth and found one called 1999 RQ36. The asteroid could hit earth in the year 2182 which is more around the time I want, but also has a chance to hit earth between now and 2200 giving me the choice of time in which hits earth. 

An image of 1999 RQ36
Image of 1999 RQ36

The impact from the asteroid that created the famous Chicxulub crater in Mexico would have caused 'mega-tsunamis' many thousands of feet high.

It is believed that this asteroid led to the extinction of the dinosaurs!


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