Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unit 4 - First influence Map

obviously looking at the three subjects I got which were a lumberjack, trombone and a photo booth. I've been looking into environment such as woods, other objects linked to a lumberjack such as axes and chainsaws also environments which you would find a photo booth in.


  1. Hey Lloyd this may sound silly but it just suddenly popped into my head about maybe the Lumberjack cutting into the photobooth for some reason, using a trombone to do so. Maybe he is in some sort of mall and the nearest thing he can find is a trombone abandoned by a busker. Perhaps your lumberjack isn't very bright and thinks the voice in the photobooth giving instructions is a real person and thinks they are trapped in there and he has to come to their rescue... feel free to think I'm completely mental you're probably right :P

  2. Hi – please don’t ignore this information – it’s important you order your animation materials NOW – delivery can take up to 3 weeks and you can’t participate in the animation workshops without the requisite materials. (If you’re organized already, ignore this prompt!).

    In the past, students have clubbed together to buy a pack of paper between them so at least they’ve got something to get started with; but trust me on this – you’re going to want a pegbar of your own!