Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unit 4 - Plot Idea 2

A lumberjack, who has always been in the family trade, wakes up one day and decides he doesn’t want to be a lumberjack anymore and wants to follow his dreams and play a musical instrument. So he tells his parents he doesn’t want to chop wood anymore and wants to move to the city and play music to people and with that he leaves with small amount of money.

So hes left his home, of in search for a musical instrument and come across music shop and goes in. With a little amount of money his choice is limited so he starts trying the musical instruments, but a lack of practice finds most of them hard or too expensive and then stumbles across a musical instrument, gives it a go and finds his good with it and walks out happy with a trombone.

Then realises that he needs a passport to get the big city to play with his new instrument to people, so he heads to photo shop and enters it, walks to the photo booth and tries to get into the booth but has a lot of struggle due to his size and the size of the booths door but manages to get in with a squeeze  and sits down and puts his trombone next him and pays, getting ready for his photo to be taken he decides he wants his trombone to be in the photo so he bends down and as he’s picking it up the first photo is taken.  He pulls a face in annoyances, but gets ready for the second shot, while posing with his trombone the sit falls and his top half of his head is only in the picture, he pulls a bigger face of annoyances but prepares for the last shot already, a few seconds past and the photo still hasn’t been taken and he moves towards the screen giving it a funny look and it takes the final image.

He decides that the last image is good enough and squeezes out of the booth and collects his photos and leaves the shop. 

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