Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Pompous Glove Idea #1

Act One - A gardener is planting a flower and goes off screen and takes of his gloves.

Act Two - a few seconds past and one off the gloves stand up and looks around, walks up to the flower and changes a few things with the flower. The Gardener comes back, puts on the gloves and wonders what happens and changes the flower to how it was.

Act Three - the gardener goes off again taking his gloves off and the same glove goes back to the flower and changes it again and stands proudly next to the flower, the glove see's the gardener coming back and flops to the floor. The Gardener comes back confused.


  1. I like the story, has a Disney charm to it. However, I don't think it really says pompous... more perfectionist. :/ Have a look at some pompous people, either image or youtube... there'll be lots. Maybe have a look at Dress Gloves? (the kind worn to by gentlemen to the opera).
    Also, there's a few Mickey Mouse cartoons where Mickey's glove becomes animate or in this one ( the dress gloves do.
    Hope this helps :)

  2. Hello! This idea is pretty cool. I like the idea of the glove trying to change the flower. Maybe if it possessed the wearer of the glove?
    Or even the idea of two gloves having a duel is what came into my mind.
    Good work so far though =) Can't wait to see the rest

  3. I'm with Sammy on this - pompous? Not really. If your pompous you're sort of puffed up and self-important - like a politician or headmaster or judge might be...