Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5 / Animation / The Pompous Glove

Unit 5 Pompous Deffo


  1. Ah good to see you getting stuck in! I love the expressions of the gloves, I can see you having a lot of fun with this. You should look at Adams Family. If you have not seen it it has a character called Hand, which I'm sure you can guess is a hand. It expressions are very well used, this may help with the glove :)

  2. Hey Lloyd,

    Creative Partner Stitch Here!!

    Good stuff!! Nice to see you digging into your term, and a glove thats just awsome, you will have fun animating that no doubt. If anything it will make you the master of drawing hands at the end of this Unit. You should consider the drawing hands and feet book that was put on myuca last unit. Once you have the hands down all you have to do is smooth & wrinkle em.

    Cant wait to see more!!