Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Character Design / Lesson One And Two

The two images below are from lesson 2. For lesson 2 we spoke about shapes in character designs, such as Disney characters. If their nice innocent their shapes would generally be round but if there evil or strong they would be squarish or have triangle shapes within them. We were all given characters for the first one, I got superman and then I applied the shape theory to superman.

Then we swapped images and I got Hulk, but the second type it was style and the image of hulk was cartoony, so i went for more of a realistic feel.


For lesson 1 we obviously got our brief and our two themes, but in lesson we got other themes to do, for this I got a holy lawyer and army zombie, so i naturally went for a more realistic feel. Justin then said go for seven year old girl target audience with the lawyer which i did.


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