Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Adaptation Research And Influences

For style and influence for my lost city I have been looking at the game Limbo, the game has a nice simple style to it so I started to look at adding another colour to the mixture. deciding to go with a light blue to go with it to help show enchantment of the lost city. images of this to follow.


  1. Hey Lloyd :)

    I've been following your work with interest - exciting prospect - jungle cities AND man-eating plants. Nice. I'm just going to suggest that, in pure design terms, I'm wondering if you need to up the creativity and production design stuff a bit; for example, you're looking at designing 'man-eating plants' - great - but all your influences so far have been looking directly at already designed and already fictional man-eating plants - the classic pod with teeth. I'm going to suggest you look at plants more generally and maybe design your own take on man-eating plants - something we haven't seen before: check out all these actual carnivorous plants for some fresh direction...

    Let's see some innovative silhouette work, for example - as you take some key forms from existing carnivorous plants and blend them into something new and monstrous; indeed, it's not only carnivorous plants that LOOK like that could eat people; check these nasties out for example:

    Design something, Lloyd - don't just draw stuff!