Friday, 11 October 2013

Minor Project - Hovering Vehicles

Podracers were small, one-man repulsorcraft, composed of an anti-gravity pod propelled by one or more pairs of large turbine engines. The engines were not physically connected to each other, being linked instead by power couplings consisting of plasma discharges. The engines were connected to the pods themselves by means of long, Steelton cables. 

Podracing was a popular sport in the less-developed regions of the galaxy and was one of the most dangerous sports ever invented. Racers losing their lives during competitions was commonplace.

Turbine engines or anti gravity seems to be a good direction for a futuristic hover bike, I was thinking before the apocalypse a hover vehicle was a real luxury to have and only the rich had one. After the reset, all hover vehicles pretty much destroyed accept a few either by being rebuilt with different parts or kept safe underground.

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