Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Major Project Proposals


  1. Morning Lloyd,

    Well, you know my feelings on this one: you need to choose for the idea that gives your own creativity as much wriggle room as possible - and so avoids the dreaded 'seen that, been there' genericism (and therefore all those agonising conversations in which your tutors beg you to think a little more 'outside of the box'. All I'd say is that both ideas here feel like games that 'pre-exist', which again gives you a challenge in terms of making these worlds your own. I prefer the idea of you modelling assets and environments, because this has proven to be a strength, so for me, idea 1 has greater potential in this area, simply because you've got a 'frozen plant' and an 'abandoned base' - but I'm going to suggest that you take a bold creative decision - i.e. that you, right now, stop looking at films and games in terms of your production design inspiration, and instead look elsewhere for the interior architecture and 'visual concept' of your world - and I'd start by looking at architects and architecture - go where game design isn't, Lloyd - and bring back something fresh and original:

    for example:


  2. some more inspiration for your ice-base:


    1. Hey Phil, yeah when thinking of the ideas my concern was about looking at references from video games and films. So il look at the links and actual places. Thanks.