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La Belle et La Bête Review

La Belle et La Bête Review

Before watching the film, I knew it was French, black and white so i wasn’t looking forward to watching it, but as I was watching the film I was becoming more engrossed with it.  Even though the film was made in 1946 the acting was good in areas of the film, the story was enjoyable, unique and overall a good film. 
The story of the film came across towards the audience well, at first you feel against the Beast and that’s because he’s portrayed as the evil character in the film and nearer the end hes the one who is only wanting love and happiness after years of loneliness and misery. 

Parts of the film what i will remember are; the scene were belle just arrived at the beast’s mansion where the lights on the wall are human arms holding the lights which i thought was cool and unique, seeing the Beast for the first time in the film, the fact the mansion had so many humanoid objects which was interesting because that’s what the Beast wanted to be, a human.

Parts of the film that let it down; the Beast’s voice wasn’t as deep as I would have imagined it would be for a Beast. The part of the film where belle teleports from her house to the beast’s mansions, you can see a trap door shut behind her as she reappears but having said that it was made in 1946. Some of the acting was over the top at certain scenes of the film.

The characters where interesting the father who had lost his fortune but still did everything he could for his daughters, the evil sisters who just wanted fortune and to bring misery towards belle, the romantic lover of belle who would do any think for her and belle herself who loved her father more than any think in the world and the Beast who was cursed and longing for love. The character i like the most would have to be the Beast, I like the Beast the most is his passion and love towards Belle, the only thing what let down the beast character is his voice but having said that i feel they wasn’t going for a overaggressive character which is why he had a more of a human’s voice.

The visual effects of the film were basic; the Beast himself was just a man in a suit the same actor who played Belle’s brother friend, the smoke from the beast when belle looked at him and the opening and shutting of doors by themselves.

Rating – 4.3  

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