Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Review Of The Fly 1958

The Fly 1958 Review

Before watching the film I was looking for what their culture was like in the 1950’s, what the film’s quality is like, for the time it was made, the acting skills of the cast in the film and generally the story of the film.

First off the culture was very different to the current day’s culture by being very old fashioned by the whole set of the ideal family with the dad working and mum being at home cooking and cleaning and having a perfect son.

The quality of the film wasn’t the best but from being made in the late fifties it was good and even if certain parts were slow and dragging it keeps the audience gripped my holding on to what the scientist will look like when he comes out from the teleportation devices near the end. The acting was good overall; there wasn’t a moment were the acting skills lacked at all.

Overall what stood out the most about the entire film were emotions and the main emotion was love, the love the wife had for her husband before he was changed and after, she never gave up and listened to whatever he said and wanted even if it meant killing her husband. 

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