Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Review Of The Fly 1986

Review of The Fly 1986

Same as the first review of the original I was looking for the culture, the quality of the film, the acting skills and the story of the film and if it is different to the original.

The culture of the film is similar to the modern day’s culture and very different to the original film's culture of the happy functional family. In the remake the protagonist isn’t married or has a son instead of being married he has a girlfriend and lives in his lab.

The quality of the film was and entertaining and never felt slow and dragging, the effects were good as well. what the remake did do well to what the other film didn’t do, was show the human fly off more, the original didn’t show him till near the end whereas the remake shows him near the beginning changing into the human fly creature which was more enjoyable to watch.

The acting was very good and believable especially from Jeff Goldblum the main protagonist, performing many emotions of love, scared and affection. The story of the film was different to the original which was told better in the remake by showing the human fly creature earlier on, actual horror and it was generally more believable than the original film.

Overall though the main thing what stood out about the film wasn’t the gore or the fact that this film had sexual content it was the love for the two characters had for each other, the love felt just as strong between Seth and Veronica as it did between the married couple in the original.

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