Thursday, 3 November 2011

Alien - Review

 Fig 1 - Poster

Alien is a 1979 Sc-Fi Thriller film directed by Ridley Scott and the film really does emphasis “No one can hear you scream in space”. The spaceship Nostromo is on its way to earth from Thedus but upon receiving a transmission from an unknown planetoid. The ships computer “Mother” awakens the crew and they decide to land on the planetoid.

“At the same time it reworks the sexual anxiety of the slasher movie with startling efficiency”. (Jamie Russell, 2003). Sex is a strong hidden factor throughout the film, at the beginning of the film when one of the crew members is exploring on his own in an unknown and alien-looking ship and is attacked by a small alien what flung from an egg smashing through the crew member’s space helmet and attaching itself to his face. The alien is basically rapping the crew member by forcing its long tactical down his throat and using him as host for the offspring.

 Fig 2 - Designs

“Although it has often been described as being a haunted-house movie set in space, “Alien” also has a profoundly existentialist undertow that makes it feel like a film noir — the other genre to feature a slithery, sexualized monster as its classic villain.”(Andrew O’Hehir, 2003).
The design of the main alien is much sexualised in the way its head has a lot of resemblance to a penis and the chest bursting scene of the offspring bursting out from the crew members belly.
The transformation from a little sperm looking alien into a large quick and advance in stealth alien in the film happens very quick. Maybe showing it in stages of it’s life to an adult form would of been more suttle or maybe the director wanted the quick growth of the alien to make more of an impact on the audience.

“Technically brilliant, tense, horrifying and visually breathtaking, there's not a moment in this B-monster movie that doesn't excel well beyond the usual genre trappings.” (R.L Shaffer, 2010).  The scenery of the film is pure concept art, amazingly designed and constructed but even though the film is set in the future it doesn’t have the white pristine feel to it, instead it has an organic industrial feel towards the film. 



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