Monday, 6 February 2012

unit 4 - Plot Idea - 1

A middle age lumberjack, who has always been in the family trade, wakes up one day and decides he doesn’t want to be a lumberjack anymore and wants to play a musical instrument. So he tells his parents he doesn’t want to be a lumberjack and he wants to move to the city and play music to people and with that he leaves with his axe which he’s had since a little boy and a small amount of money.

He goes to the city to find the music instrument he wants to play and ends up at a music shop, now not bringing much money with him because he’s not all that bright, his choice of instruments is limited and ends up with an old trombone. So once he leaves the shop he wants to show his family his new instrument but doesn’t have the time or money to go back to his village so he decides to get a photo with his new instrument so he goes to a photo booth and gets a photo of him with his trombone.

Due to him being so excited as the photos of him are being printed he leaves his trombone in the photo booth to go and look at the photos, and after looking at the images, he realises he has left his new trombone in the photo booth so he goes back to it but the booth door has shut and won’t open and he loses his temper and grabs his axe from his back and starts hitting it with the axe but with no luck of getting into the booth.

As time passes by and he’s sitting next to the door of the photo booth wondering what to do and after being there for awhile he falls asleep and as he asleep a stranger puts money into the photo booth and enters it and walks out and collects her photos and as he comes around the door to the photo booth shuts. He asks the stranger how did she get the door to open and she replies by putting money into the slots to open the door, with amazement he runs up to the booth door and starts looking for money in his jacket and jeans and realizes he doesn't have any money left as spent it all on the photos and the trombone and goes crazy hitting the photo booth and falls to his knees and starts to cry, the stranger walks up to him and gives him some money to pay for the door to open. He goes in and grabs his trombone and thanks the stranger by giving her his old axe and walks away holding the trombone close to his heart. 


  1. Hey Lloyd,

    There's a sweetness at the heart of this first idea that's worth holding onto; the idea of the lumberjack wanting to give up chopping stuff up in favour of making music. Not sure about the ending though...

    Why do people need photos taken in a booth? Usually for passport photos, so perhaps your lumberjack needs to travel to Europe to attend his audition for music school or similar? Maybe there's some comedic mileage to be had from the photobooth, as in:

  2. Yeah that makes more sense, thanks.

  3. Yes Lloyd there is something really nice about the idea that he wants to play music. Maybe he's a softy at heart really. He sees all these musicians happy and warming people through their music and he wants this. Even though he is a lumberjack he doesn't necessarily need to attack the photobooth in this story because I think this would counteract what you are trying to get across about him. He's an ambitioning musician so maybe while he is trying to get this photo for his passport the physical attributes of a lumberjack's appearance could get in his way. I'm reminded of Mr Incredible with his large stature, trying to fit inside his car. This was really funny to me when I first saw it because his sterotypical superhero physic really got in his way of normal life It you think about it photo booths are a bit of a pain for a normal person to fit in but a lumberjack... :)