Sunday, 6 October 2013

Minor Project - Early Lawrence Drake Costume Design

Continuing from Character design from last year, I have decided to make Law a few years younger with a completely different personality. His farther now being what he was previous, Law shows traits of free will, charm, womaniser, passion for gun fights and money, arrogant, great love for whiskey and always at least carrying 5 guns on him.

Not focusing to much on characters at the moment, mainly working on the world but though I'd post this instead of it lost on my laptop.

Also debating the name at the moment, I like what it was called - A Fist Full Of Knives but this time not really focused on knives so needs to be changed slightly to some think like;

A Fist Full Of  Gold
A Fist Full Of Bullets
A Fist Full Of Treasure
A Fist Full Of Desire
A Fist Full Of Guns
A Fist Full Of Blood

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