Sunday, 6 October 2013

Minor Project - Possible Apocalypses

Now the only reason an apocalypse is in my motion comic story is to explain why the world is the way it is, it isn't the centre of the story in the slightness nothing more than a "reset" really.

The world is set in the future of 2174, so theres hovering vehicles, drones, futuristic weapons but once the reset happens it looks like 18th - 19th century but with technology still being around looking rusty'n'old or broken.

On the Mind map the words in small are just ones I've thought be seriously doubt having any part in the story whereas the ones quite large will most likely do.

I was thinking a killer flu outbreak happens and kills 89% only leaving the immune which over a certain amount of years rebuild the world to which it looks like a western.

Or a massive world war breaks out destroying most of the world before a deadly virus is released killing most the humans what are left, causing a restart in the world but still having certain technology.

Or simply a massive meteorite hits the planet causing most the wipe and the scenery needed to look like a massive western.

Or a massive world war is waging and the meteorite hits causing the same outcome as above but with countries against each other after the outcome.

Or a world war of humans versus robots, the humans win but at a great cost of the human population and the world itself.

Or the Ozone layer is destroyed by the sun causing the planet to become a desert wasteland, were technology still exist but humans are restarting in the damaged world.

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  1. Hi Lloyd - there's a bit of research missing here - which is to look also at the socio-cultural situation of the 'Frontier Days' - the tensions between old school ways of life and the new Victorian technologies. So you need to look at the past too in order to figure out your future world. Also - another bit of advice; you're very set on the 'Western' as your model, but all I'd suggest you do is let the world give you the aesthetic; at heart, the point about the 'wild west' is that it is a uncivilised/civilised model, wherein society was establishing itself against the perils of nature itself and/or power struggles between 'tribes' or models of society. That's the bit you should be interested in in terms of design - so, imagine the apocalpyse has made the natural world a real 'wilderness' again - a challenge - that civilisation has to 'push back' and tame (many wild west stories are 'frontier' narratives - i.e. man on the edge of nature, and trying to bring it under control though livestock, farming, railroads, and infrastructure. In this sense, the identity of your apocalpyse is key! It might also make sense to put your story in an environment that was once very obviously civilised - for example, if you were to compare Manhattan with the Grand Canyon - in terms of existing structures - and then imagine that the disaster has rendered that area of the world as difficult to cultivate as a desert, then you'd have your equivalent of the 'wild west' but we'd also understand that something awful had happened in the past.

    Also - Lloyd, just some design advice re. your blog: you may not know this, but the typeface your using on your blog is one of the 'most hated' in terms of graphic design. It's the typeface of laminated menus in bad cafes and cheap programmes for amateur productions of Grease. Trust me on this - re-brand, and think Prada as opposed to Primark :)