Friday, 17 February 2012

Maya - Paper Clips


  1. Hey Lloyd after reading Phil's feedback on your ogr and his mention of your lumberjack looking crazed in his final picture that is actually used to advertise his shows I couldn't help picturing him with really messy hair, big shocked eyes and stuff like that. This then reminded me of (and no shock here its a Harry Potter reference :P) the bonus scene after the credits of Chamber of Secrets showing Gilderoy Lockhart on his book all loopy, messy hair, in a straint jacket. He has become famous for that. Perhaps this crazy look of your lumberjack is what makes him stand out, just look at some celebrities who are known for their crazy look. Just look at Russel Brand's hair!

  2. sorry for any duplication, or if you’ve done it already, but I’ve been prompted to prompt students about completing the Student surveys before the deadline – which is fast approaching. It’s possible that some of you are experiencing difficulty logging in or finding your login details. If you are experiencing difficulties, can you email

    When you’ve completed it, can you leave a ‘done it’ on the original blogpost below.

    Many thanks – and remember, this is your opportunity to create change and assist course teams in terms of resources etc.